The Hour

At A Glance

  • Last Sunday, 7–10 PM
  • Ford Food & Drink (link - map)
  • No Age, Genre, or Experience Restrictions to readers


Inspired by a bit of Indonesian folklore imparted by Harlan Ellison, and the radio show of the same name which Harlan and KPFA’s Mike Hodel took to great heights in the Seventies, the Hour features five performers of any genre or description, music encouraged, as long as it incorporates Spoken Word. I want to see rappers. Slam poets. Stand-up comics. Weird electronic things strapped to performers and making noises. Every flavor and permutation of Litfic. Bizarros. Emily Dickinson Goths. Everything in between. Bring me your A-Game. It is an honor to be your Alan Freed. You cats and kittens are the ones who make the Music. Further details on this page, but for the next three months effective Sunday, April 29 2018, the Hour will run 7-10 PM on the last Sunday of the month, at Ford Food and Drink www.fordfoodanddrink.com/ 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97202 (11th and SE Division.)

Edward Morris

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