May video, June and July Bill Up Soon

For the June 24 Hour That Stretches, we are pleased to feature talking bluesman Buddy B. Anthony, poet/author Melissa Howells, returning Hour poet Wolf Gangalang, satirist Aaron Sharpa, returning Hour Metal scribe and strong supporter Brad Branham, and returning Bizarro author/humorist Lee Widener collaborating with polymath musician Erin Jane Laroue of Jamais Jamais.

July's bill will be up soon. So far, we have one established poet with a long, detailed history who is an engaging human and a wildly prolific artist. More to come when I shake the tree to hunt a few more heads and mix the odd metaphor or two. If you have an act, talk to me. No experience restrictions, no genre restrictions, no fourth wall. Just be prepared to spit your A-game work at an intimate crowd of people who are all going to be gazing right at your smiling face. It's fun. Try it.

May video will be up soon, as soon as Hour Webslinger Nick Giampetro gets done with it. Three cheers to Nick for this website, and all his brilliant photography and wonderful work helping me keep this read alive. Nick is one of the truest Renaissance Men I've ever met, and it is an honor to work with him.

Becky Doggett and the ceaselessly toiling, upbeat staff of Ford Food and Drink are welcoming the Hour to their venue past the ninety-day trial period and we are already booking for July. One hundred per cent of all proceeds are divvied-up among the performers, so stick around if you wanna get paid. More updates to come. Thank you all for making this read a part of the local architecture, a part of Old Portland that will not die. WE ARE PORTLAND. I love you all. Thank you.

---Edward Morris, MC. 5/29/18

Edward Morris

Edward Morris

2011 Pushcart Prize nominee and five-year MC of The Hour That Stretches.140 published short stories.One space opera and several books in various stages of small press. Recently disabled. Loves Life.

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