VIDEO: HTS April 29, 2018

THE HOUR THAT STRETCHES. Ford Food and Drink, at the Ford Gallery, SE 11th and Division, Portland, OR, Earth. 4/29/18


  1. Edward Morris.
  2. Ilana Hamilton.
  3. Amy Temple Harper.
  4. Jennifer Robin.
  5. Airon Ghostradio.
  6. Nathan Carson.
  7. and Garrett Cook.

(video edits in progress, please Comment on any corrections necessary.)

First show for this incarnation of the Hour, and David J from Bauhaus was in the audience! Mr. Morris' read was by permission of Stephen Petroff and Jesse Glass, the poets who wrote those two long poems. Quite a wonderful opportunity. Mad love to all performers and audience, and Becky Doggett and the tirelessly toiling staff at Ford. Mad love in particular to our webmaster Nick Giampetro, for editing this seething mass of wonderful video. EXCELSIOR!!!!!!!!!! :D

Edward Morris

Edward Morris

2011 Pushcart Prize nominee and five-year MC of The Hour That Stretches.140 published short stories.One space opera and several books in various stages of small press. Recently disabled. Loves Life.

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